Thursday, March 25, 2010

Girls are Strong!

Girls are Strong! That is my mantra!

mantra: a sound, syllable, word, or group of words that are considered capable of "creating transformation"

I had spent almost 25 years as a custodian for a small school district. I took pride in my job and the fact that I could do almost anything by myself. There would be times that I needed help. It was a K-8 school so there were always plenty of boys that the teachers would allow me to take off their hands. Then one day I heard the "voices!"

Along came the Power Puff girls! I had a group of about 8 girls chosen to help me set up for the annual Grandparents Dinner. 20 tables and 160 chairs. After the dinner was masterfully set up I gave them each a small goodie bag of Power Puff girl items and a speech about how Girls are Strong and that they could do anything they set their minds too.

From the first time I let the girls help the experience took on a life of it's own. One of my favorite stories was with my best friend Sharon. she worked as the "lunch lady" at the same time. She had gone home to see her Daddy, who was getting older and on his own at the time. He had a drain that would frequently get clogged. On her arrival he told her of the drain. She looked at him and standing there with her super powers ready to go she declared, "Girls are Strong Daddy! We can do it!" She couldn't wait to tell me the story!

At the time I was also the mother of 2 very young girls. I had just gone through a divorce and knew I had to teach my girls the same message. So as they grew and looked to me for direction with cruel friends, boys, or school I would hug them and say, "Girls are what?"

Sometimes the answer came quietly with tears in their eyes. Other times standing strong and boldly proclaiming............."STRONG!"

Then the tears were mine!

I still continue to use my mantra on my daughters, their friends, my friends, and now my granddaughter! Isn't it strange how a silly cartoon can come to mean so much?

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